Show up in Doha

When you think about places to visit in the Middle East, sometimes Qatar gets overlooked. The Middle East is a hub for great food.  This year, take a trip to the capital city of Doha and you’ll discover it’s a city where international food meets local delicacies.

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Frankfurt At Christmas

Christmas is a great time of year. You’re thinking of booking a last minute trip with your loved ones. Where is the question? One of the most beautiful places to visit  at Christmas is Frankfurt. Known for its wonderful Christmas market, this place has it all for that winter getaway.

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London Hotspots

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So you’re looking to get away for a while, a city break comes to mind. It’s exactly what you needed after a long year. There’s only once place for it, London! The city that has it all. Let’s find out where to go and what to do while in town.

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Dabble Your Way Around Dubai

Dubai has become one of the go to holiday destinations of the past 5 years. The transformation of the gulf city has been nothing short of unbelievable. Let’s check out what to do and see in Dubai this summer.

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Edinburgh’s Magical Mythology

Edinburgh is a city which you can get lost in. There’s so much to do and see you might not know where to start. With the likes of Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh University and everything else in between you might not know where to start.

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City Living Tips

City life can be fast paced. You can either love it or hate. Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city while others enjoy the quiet life. For the city slickers, here are some tips to not only survive city life but get the most out of it.

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Park Life

Want to stay fit and healthy in the city but unsure where to go for a good work out? It can quite boring to work out along the city streets as you might not feel safe due to where you are or the time of day or traffic. An ideal place to go a work out where there is space, is of course the park.

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Best Sites In Britain

Thinking about coming to Britain but stuck for time? Even though the island is small, it can be difficult to get round everywhere you want to see. We look briefly two must see attractions.

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Eastern Style

When you think about fashion you tend to think of catwalks in top European cities like Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London but Bahrain are keen to get their name on the map with their Fashion Time 2 show. Read more…


Meander Your Way Through The Middle Eastern Markets

Do you like the hustle and bustle of markets?  The Middle East is known to have some of the most vibrant street markets in the world. They’re great places to gain bargains, source fresh produce, barter with street vendors over the price of food and other goods and just immerse yourself in the culture of the local population. Here are some of the best souks you need to visit in the Middle East.

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