Tattoos or Not?

Anchors. Swallows. Stars. Musical Notes. These are the most commonly found tattoos on us ladies. Spend anytime on the high street or in a bar without staring at your phone and you’ll see that almost every other person has a tattoo. It could be the dignified small piece on the wrist, the subtly hidden one behind the ear or the bold piece on the chest and neck.

vintage tattoo lady

Tattoos are now a commonplace accessory. Go to any holiday hotspot for young people (we’re talking Magaluf/Ibiza/Santa Monica) and you’ll see that every fourth store on the promenade will be a tattoo parlour. Because of how easy it is to get one and the temptation being there when we’re young, tattoos are the easiest accessory to have: zero maintenance after application.


We all don’t factor in two things when we get one though; what our future selves will think and what our skin is going to be like. That’s why now we’re seeing more and more stories about tattoo removal. Just last week every entertainment site was posting about Kelly Osbourne uploading videos of getting her tattoos removed. She has been quoted as saying that  ‘One of them is a keyboard and I don’t even know how to play a piano!’ The young, rebellious side in all of us might give way to an adult who now thinks a tattoo looks a little bit silly.



It seems that celebs are in more of a ‘why did i?’ state rather than ‘I want more’. Even the coolest of cool, Pharrell, had his sleeves removed a few years ago. Other celebrities like 50 Cent, Heidi Klum and Eva Longoria have all gotten important tattoos lasered off. In the past it meant have to get skin grafts and multiple different kinds of work done to get skin back to normal. It’s not the case so much now with the rise of the mighty laser tattoo removal treatment the norm.

tattoo sailors

It’s not as painful as getting a tattoo and reverses what you once though was a permanent decision. You have a laser point at the area of your tattoo. It emits light energy that causes the ink to dissipate. Your own blood then scoops the ink up and filters it out without doing any damage. There is also an abundance of places to get your tattoo removed. Most tattoo studios, such as Tribe Tattoo, and cosmetic clinics will offer tattoo removal for a reasonable price. Of course the price is dependent on the size of your tattoo.

Of course there is a lot more on offer at cosmetic surgery clinics than Tattoo Removal, the likes of Snowberry Lane Clinic in Melksham can offer a number of treatments from beauty treatments that rejuvenate the skin to dealing with minor skin imperfections such as skin tags, moles or birth marks. Located within easy reach of Bristol, Bath and London Snowberry Lane Clinic is proving to be extremely popular.

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