Vintage Hair Is Only Fair

Want to carry off a vintage using only a few hair pins and an extreme case of patience? Then you’ll be looking to have vintage hair on the go. We’ve got a few tips for you if you’re looking to get old fashioned hair as quickly as possible.


The easiest look to create is the pompadour as you’ll only be focussing on one part. You might have already had your fringe sitting in a curler for hours. To create that second curl just take the middle part of you hair, backcomb the hell out out of it and give it a good twist. Bobby pin until it won’t move and spray to your heart’s content.


If you want bangs in about 20 seconds though, grab a headscarf or bandana and tie it on. grab your fringe and roll it all in one go, sliding the brush off diagonally so you can pin each bit of hair in to the scarf.

Just know that curlers aren’t always the best option if you want your hair to be sitting round and tight. One weird tip we heard for trying to achieve hard back twirls like the one above was to bunch your hair together when it was wet. When you dry it make sure its all tightly together. If you don’t give it much room for manoeuvre then, you’ll be able to control it more when it comes to twirling.

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