Eat in Style

As we all know, fashions change. Different styles suit different eras but it is easy to fall into the trap of only associating that with the clothing we wear. This is not always the case.

Throughout the years we have seen different food becoming popular and appearing everywhere before fading away again, just look at the phenomenon of pulled pork in the last couple of years. Off the back of the popularity of TV shows showing American BBQ joints we started seeing more and more dishes and restaurants cater for this.

Well, with the all fashions every now and then we see a resurgence in either content or style and the same can be said in the food industry.

One great example of this is the recent success of Morris of New York whose sandwich shop, catering options and food truck have embraced a certain style and built on that.

Serving only grilled cheese sandwiches you might think they would be quite limited but with a number of different options available to customers they have turned into the ideal lunch stop for many New Yorkers.

Their style is traditional and very smart, getting to this through working with a creative design agency to help establish their brand they are now in a position where people know who they are. The famous Morris food truck is instantly recognisable and with a selection of some of the finest produce found in New York it makes sense that they are seeing this success.

Across the Atlantic in the UK we are starting to see this attention to detail in restaurants and eateries where the effort just would not have been put in a few years ago. In Glasgow alone the number of burger joints opening in the last few years has gone through the roof!

It seems that when people are looking for something to eat they also want to enjoy the experience in some sort of way, the style and atmosphere goes a long way and while this may have been kept to fine dining in the past, more ‘fast food’ places or food traditionally associated with that are going that extra mile to provide their customers with something extra.

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