Show up in Doha

When you think about places to visit in the Middle East, sometimes Qatar gets overlooked. The Middle East is a hub for great food.  This year, take a trip to the capital city of Doha and you’ll discover it’s a city where international food meets local delicacies.

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Let’s look at four delicious Doha foods that you must try while in town.  Food and drink are an important part of the Doha culture so its important to try some local goods to give you best Qatari experience possible. The way the locals eat is by having a light meal in the morning and for dinner while the main meal is at lunch time.  Qatari food takes its influence from a number of regions such as India, North Africa and throughout the Middle Eastern continent.  Let’s look at some meals you should try while here:


One of the most popular dishes in Qatar is Machbous.  The rich dish is filled with chicken, spices, rice nuts and raisins. You’ll find this meal on sale around the Souq Waqif  at one of their popular food stalls.


It might sound similar to the dish about but Mathrooba is quite different.  Popular with locals when they breakfast, the chicken is mixed in a rich buttery porridge. It might not look the best but its rich and tastey for sure!

Kousa Mahshi

This dish has an international influence. Yummy is an understatement. Courgettes that are stuffed with a meat, either lamb or chicken, spiced with garlic and mint and oven cooked till hot, it’s one of our favourites here at Genevera.

Wareq Enab

Another popular Arab dish,  the filling is filled with lamb and spices and served as a main meal if made in large quantities.

Sample some of this great good and others at a number of great accommodation options in town. The Fraser Suites Doha serve a number of these dishes while there are a number of nearby restaurants and stalls that also do.


Come to Qatar and sample it the real way.

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