Advances Beyond Medicine

Anytime we hear about advances in healthcare it tends to centre on medicine and how we tackle disease. It goes without saying how important this work is but it must also be of the utmost importance to update other aspects of healthcare that ensure the smooth running of our health services.

The day to day running of any ward is crucial to the overall success of any hospital and the hard work that doctors, nurses and other staff put in to maintain the high standards that we come to expect is exceptional. But what if there was a way to make it easier? What if there was a way to;

  • Support better patient care across hospital wards
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of multi-disciplinary teamwork
  • Streamline admission and discharge process
  • Aid clinicians care to patients
  • Increase patient safety
  • Reduce patient time in hospital

Now there is thanks to the WardView Solution. WardView is a simple to use digital clinic management software white board that uses touch screen technology that is quick and easy to learn and could provide a modern, and much needed, alternative to the traditional ward whiteboard found in hospitals up and down the country.

eHealth delivery Nugensis software, Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy

eHealth delivery Nugensis software, Victoria Hospital, Kirkaldy

We are lucky to have a great healthcare system and to know that a great deal of time and money goes into finding new ways to tackle illness. This system helps bring wards up to that same great standard and will help the already busy doctors and nurses by offering them a more efficient solution to age old problems.

This easy to use system has been developed by Nugensis who work alongside medical professionals and experts in the social care industry to reduce administrative tasks for staff and reduce the average length of stay of patients. Not only would this free up staff to concentrate on other tasks but it would save a great deal of money in the long run.

clinic management software

To read more about the work that Nugensis are doing and find out more about WardView simple visit –

By improving of certain aspects of healthcare through these kinds of technologies we are able to see better care for patients as well as a reduced workload for busy staff. A truly innovative solution to an age old issue.

To request a demo of WardView visit –

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