Winter Sun for the Winter Blues

There are countless movements currently bringing attention to Mental Health and as attitudes start to change so does ignorance surrounding many illnesses associated with it.

One we are going to look at briefly is Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. This is a illness that can trigger depressive symptoms at a certain time of year and is probably most common during winter.

For many years the condition was brushed aside with the idea of the ‘winter blues’ but it is now recognised as a genuine issue for many people around the world.Light_therapy_lamp_and_sunlight

There are a number of therapies available and one in particular is light therapy. Certain lights and lamps can be a help to people suffering from SAD and are one of the more popular treatments.

This is also one of the reasons that winter travel is on the rise. Being able to catch a week or two of sun in the winter can really be a great help. It had long been said that travel not only broadens the mind but can be good for you and jetting off during the long winter months to enjoy a couple of weeks in the sun can sometimes be enough to break the cycle of dark nights and poor weather that can trigger SAD.

In Europe we are lucky enough to be on the doorstep of a number of great countries that year round travel is worthy of. You might not hit the heights of summer temperatures but this can be a good thing with it making it more bearable to be out in the sun all day.

One location that we have experience of visiting is Malta and it can be a great place to get away and forget your troubles. Because of its small size there are no worries about long airport transfers, you can get about easily and quickly and this will also help in relaxing.Spiaggia_Isola_dei_Coniglio_Lampedusa

Though holidays and breaks are intended, more often than not, for a chance to relax it can actually be quite stressful having to book, catch flights and then get to your hotel which is why finding a good company and location is important. For a trip to Malta that covers all the bases we found who specialise in holidays to just Malta and Gozo.

An all-inclusive holiday can also help to take away some of the choices looming over you when you are away allowing you to enjoy some care free time in the sun.

Malta’s great laid back way of life, sandy beaches, historic cities and friendly people are ideal for people looking to recharge their batteries. Winter breaks are a great way to do this and there are a number of great deals to ensure you don’t break the bank when you do it.

If you find that you sometimes start to feel down around winter time it can be a good idea to either seek some advice from your GP or have a look online. It could be a change as small as changing your light bulbs that could drastically improve your standard of Life.

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