Warm Up In Style


With only 8 days left until Christmas many of us will be getting caught up in the festive rush as we strive to grab those ‘last minute bits and bob’, which in many cases amount to entire families worth of Christmas presents and an entire banquet of Christmas dinner.

As part of the preparation for the family coming to stay many of us will be looking to finish of those last minute DIY tasks that have been plaguing us throughout the year. Although as much as a quick lick of paint brightens up any room, many people find themselves stumped when it comes to what they should do with the radiator. After all you can’t just leave it there, it’s no good redecorating an entire room just to leave the radiator as a metal eyesore in the middle of the room. This is why we’ve thrown together a quick list of easy ways you can hide it out the way in time for the holidays.

Paint It

Giving an old radiator a lick of paint so that it is the same colour as the supporting wall is probably the most obvious and most cost effective way of getting it to blend in. You might have heard before that painting a radiator black helps it heat better, but trust me this is an old wives’ tale. It does however help it to blend in better if you are using a dark colour scheme. If you’re using a dark or vibrant then this will work far better than if you are using much lighter pastel colours. Failing that you can always show it off either by painting it a vibrant colour on the opposite end of the colour wheel from the colour your walls are painted, or since its Christmas maybe some red, gold and green bars wouldn’t go a miss.

Cover It Up

If painting isn’t working for you, you can always opt for a stylish radiator cover; a vented cover over your radiator not only masks any unsightly metal but also helps to project more heat into the room instead of allowing it to just rise directly up to the ceiling. If you can’t find a design that appeals to you then they are incredibly easy to make, all you need is some wooden fibre board and a touch of imagination when it comes to the painting.

Go Classy

If you’re radiator is in very prominent place but is incredibly hard to hide to might consider replacing it with a new classy reproduction of a cast iron radiator, or if it is in the bathroom then try a Victorian style heated towel rail. These modern reproductions are just as, if not more efficient than their steel and aluminium counterparts.

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