Make Them Scream At Halloween

It’s now less than 2 weeks before that fateful day where by the spirits and demons of times past are once again allowed to roam amongst the living. Yes Halloween is almost upon us and whilst the majority of us are grown up enough to understand that witches and werewolves are the things of fantasy, it’s still a great opportunity to get dressed up, eat sweets, have a few drinks and generally act like children again.

This opportunity comes only once a year so don’t be the person who only throws a couple of cobwebs up and puts a pumpkin out on their front step, or who cuts up an old t-shirt and calls themselves a pirate. If you or any of the people around you are going to have a good time then you’re going to have to put a bit of effort in, not only to your costume but you props too. You don’t want to be decorating you garden with some lame bunting you bought from the supermarket; you want something that is going to strike terror into the hearts of small children when they come trick-or-treating to your front door, something so terrible they probably won’t want to come back next year. What you need is a pop up screaming prop.

Where as before you could only find pop up props in carnivals or nightclubs, so they have become more and more popular and can be rented out for a reasonable sum. However if you’re planning in using it again then it might just be easier to build one yourself. To so is easy and only requires a few items including, a prop head, pneumatic cylinders, some piping and a trash can, and there are hundreds of ‘how to’ videos that will help you.

Here is one of our favourite ones:


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