Shoes To Cure The Blues

We’ve tackled how to get the best old clothes and recently talked about what to do with your hair, but what about your feet. You don’t want to be going for a great vintage look only to spoil it with a pair of trainer. We got a few examples of shoes that have a timeless quality to them.


cherry shoes

These cherry print shoes encapsulate everything to do with 50s style Americana. From the peep toe, to the mary-jane strap and the red satin bow over the buckle these heels are the only thing you’d want on your feet at a vintage party.


doc marten

These Doc Martens are a classic if you’re reaching for that punk era look, but the print on the shoe goes even further back. These bold brown boots are covered in a victorian flower print. It’s a great feminine and vintage spin on the tough German boots.

gucci loafer

Now these are great looking shoes and there’s a reason for that: they’re made by Gucci. You know what that means? A big hefty price tag too. They can be yours for £350, but we prefer to just ogle over them. Designed to look like a loafer these shoes win us other with the hanging leather tongue and surprisingly sturdy wooden heel.

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