Vintage Socks

Now we all almost all vintage clothing. We say almost because there are obvious two grand exceptions to the rule: socks and undies. Could you imagine walking in to a vintage store and being given the option of rummaging around a bin full of ‘vintage socks’.

Its obviously never going to happen. That doesn’t mean you can’t cheat a little and manage to pull off a vintage sock look. Yes old looking socks, in terms of design and not smell, are an essential for anyone with a semi serious wardrobe. We found some online we thought we’d share with you.

Pantherella Vintage Sock

vintage sock

This lovely mustard wonder is part of Pantherella’s full vintage range for men. They have sock in every classic design your granddad would have been rocking. From a good looking Argyle print golf sock to a lovely Fairisle design, they have a great range. We chose to highlight the mustard socks as the colour screams nothing but a proper vintage look.

Crocs Knee High Retro

croc socks

Are you as surprised as us to find out Crocs make socks? (say that fast five times) These knee high harkens back to the best colours of the 80s when bright pastels inspired fitness gear. The little segmented stripes remind us of a Rubix Cube.

Crochet Socks

crochet sock

Now these ones really are vintage. When we seen them we really thought someone had kept them hidden in their drawer for years. The design is straight from the 60s and are the kind you don’t usually see. It might look weird to wear them over tights, but with the design having so many holes in place it only makes sense to use them over layers.


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