Living A Cushy Life

If you’re looking to give your living space a little bit of a vintage feel, you might want to consider giving your cushions a bit of a facelift. We found some different designs and tips you could use to transform any dull cushion in to something quite unique.


-Sew Much Better
There’s no better way of getting that shape just to fit over than sitting down for a good session by the sewing machine. You can take any tired old fabric in the house, cut it up and give it a new purpose.

-Mark It Out
It might seem like you’re asking to make a childish mess on your furniture but consider trying to use a fabric marker as a good first indicator on how you want your cushion to look. Grab a few stencils and make guidelines over the fabric. Practice a few times before finally drawing it out and you can make any design pop out. Our tip is to take it as slow as possible, especially on fabrics that are more susceptible to any stroke of the marker.

piano cushion

-Wrap It Up
You might have a vintage tee lying around and are unsure what to do if it doesn’t fit you anymore. Just a few quick measurement and hey presto a new cover. It’ll provide you with a more comfortable touch than most cushions do.

-Print It Out
If you have a few print sheets for t shirts lying about, why not use them to make colourful designs for a cushions. They’ll iron on easy and be able to take the damage.

vintage cushion

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