City Living Tips

City life can be fast paced. You can either love it or hate. Some enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city while others enjoy the quiet life. For the city slickers, here are some tips to not only survive city life but get the most out of it.

Use Google Maps

Years ago you wouldn’t think about visiting or living in a big city without a map and nowadays as apps such as Google Maps are reliable and trustworthy, you will be thankful that you have such a thing if you get lost. It’s essential to have this to survive the city life.

Try to avoid rush hour

Travelling between 6am and 10am and 5pm and 8pm, expect public transport to be filled to the brim. Even at off peak times, it can be busy. Plan ahead as the bus, train or tram can take more time due to being busy and you may have to use the next service if the train or bus is fully packed.  Being late for class or that important job meeting doesn’t leave a good impression.

Take care of your money

When living in the city, you can end up spending your money anywhere. Whether that be in clothes shops, cafes, coin fountains, events at the o2, nights out, the list goes on. To avoid this, have a weekly budget, try and cook most of your meals at home and buy a rail card so you avoid paying peak prices every day.

Explore what’s around you

It’s important to get to know your city. Ask locals where’s good to go and what to see so you avoid tourist traps. Take an adventure to a part of town you’ve never been before. Obviously be safe, vigilant and have your wits about you – but it can be fun to get your comfort zone too.

These tips should give you a start on how to survive the city life whether you’re in London, New York or Berlin


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