Live Like An Old Traveller

You know the way we’re always banging on about heading to your relative’s homes in search of old clothes you can give a second life too? If you ever don’t know how to carry everything you could consider asking for their old filing boxes too.

vintage drawer

We seen these ‘vintage’ style storage units and thought it would be a grand idea to ask around and see if anyone had any. They look absolutely beautiful on a shelf in your bedroom or used as a corner storage unit in the living room. The simple cream finish gives a dated/well loved look that adds a sense of familiarity with the boxes.

We really love the larger boxes. They can be used as a place to store all those receipts and bills you’ve had piling up on the table. Our top tip if you manage to get one that seen better days is to get a scented sheet and keep it under the bed. You can bung all your shoes in and they’ll stay fresh.

vintage shelf

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