Park Life

Want to stay fit and healthy in the city but unsure where to go for a good work out? It can quite boring to work out along the city streets as you might not feel safe due to where you are or the time of day or traffic. An ideal place to go a work out where there is space, is of course the park.

The reason the park is the best place to work out is because you have fresh air, a lot of space as previously mentioned and alone time. You have the grass to stretch, meditate and cool down after exercise and the privacy compared to the busy streets in the big cities of London and New York.

There are various city parks around the world which are great to walk around, run, stretch or meditate to get your daily doss of exercise.  These include:

Birkenhead Park – London

This was the first publicly funded park in the UK.  It can take credit for providing inspiration for Central park and the famous Buffalo network. It was created by a man called Joseph Paxton, a gardener who would go on and design the famous lighthouse, the Crystal Palace. He also worked on the Duke of Devonshire’s gardens.

Hyde Park – London

The biggest park in London, Hyde Park  is the biggest park in London and is one of the Royal Parks of London. The park is the biggest of 4 park that form a walk way of Kensington Palace.  The park is further divied by two water ways, the Serpentine and the Long Water. It’s an ideal place to come and relax, kick back and enjoy the greenery.

When in the city, the park is worth a try when starting your exercise plan.


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