Stocking The Perfect Pantry

You can’t live in a vintage house without having some classic staples in the cupboards. while your gran might have had a few tins of beans and soup in hers, the range of food on offer this day and age means you can have some fantastic staples from all over the world. So what should you look for when stocking up the kitchen cupboards? We found some of the best produce available online that will give your kitchen a very vintage look, but with a much more modern taste.

Barilla pasta

Barilla pasta

If you don’t have a box of pasta somewhere in the kitchen, then you’re missing on on the ultimate go-to, quick as a flash dinner. But don’t go thinking that any value pack from the big supermarket down the street will do the job. You might be surprised to know that genuine made Italian pasta costs just as much and is made so much better.

The best brand to have in the cupboard to make dinner on those days when you don’t want to leave the house is called Barilla. They make pasta in all shapes and sizes and their produce if of a very high quality. It honestly makes a world of difference from that big bag of swirly pasta that has been sitting there for God knows how long.

You can get your own box of this perfect pasta at

Meridian Peanut Butter
meridian peanut butter

It might seem silly to get serious about peanut butter, but here at Genevera we are adamant that a good peanut butter really should come at a premium.

This gorgeous tub of stuff on the left is Meridian Organic peanut Butter. And yes the phrase ‘organic peanut butter’ might sound weird but you might not know that the usual stuff you buy in the supermarket is full of extra oils, sugars and additives that really make it something that is part butter butter, part sugary snack.

This organic peanut butter is delicious, but does take a little while to get used to due the fact you’ll never have had the spread in such a pure form before.

Biona Beans

biona beans

Beans on toast only takes about three minutes to make, five minutes to eat, and then an eternity to get the tomato sauce off your fingers and plate.

If you’re someone who really likes the sauce being soaked up by the toast, get your mitts on a can of this stuff.

The tomato sauce used is somewhere halfway between your traditional sauce and a passata, and it is divine when scooped on top of a really thick slice of wholegrain toast.




Lotus Biscoff

lotus biscuitsNow these bad boys should be the  ace in the hole for any friends popping by for a spot of coffee. Lotus make incredibly delicious biscuits that you’d expect to find on the plate in a fancy café.

Buy a box, keep them in the cupboard (they always have a good date on them) and you’re guaranteed to impress your mum when she pop round.

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