The New Hyper App Supmenow

Ever been out in the city for a night out with your friends and end up getting separated? Me being me it happens all the time but I assumed I was alone in this matter… or… at least didn’t think it happened to a lot of people.

Turns out I’m not the only person in the world that has a habit of losing their friends after a few alcoholic drinks. After having chatted with a lot of people it turns out it probably happens to us all at least once.

There is an endless pit of reasons and scenarios why people get separated on a night out. Like one or two people not being allowed entry to certain pubs or clubs.

One of the group bumps into someone they know, starts chatting and the next thing they know the group has disappeared.

Someone maybe has a drink too many and being invited to leave the established – although the latter has never happened to me, honest!

Whatever the reason it’s not nice being separated from your friends on a night out! That’s where the new Supmenow app comes in handy.

Sup App

The Supmenow app allows friends to connect and find each other when within a certain proximity.

Here is how it works – The app allows friends to connect, send notifications and voice messages when within a proximity of 2000m or around 1.5 miles of each other.

This is great for people like me who have a habit of getting separated from friends. I have also used it for work when at large conferences, great for keeping track of colleagues that are constantly on the move and for networking with other likeminded conference/event attendees.

It would also be great for crowded events like music festivals and carnivals or even parents keeping an eye on their kids in holiday resorts.

For me, the Supmenow app is great yet simple. If users dont want to be supped they can go to the darkside and go offline or even block users who they no longer wish to connect with.

I’m pretty sure Supmenow app wasn’t created so I could find my friends on nights out but whatever the purpose, it’s a great app.

Should you wish to try out the app you can download it free at



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