Vintage Radiators That Stand Out

It mightn’t be the first place you look to in order to get a vintage look at home but by changing your radiators from the plain white models we all have to something with a touch of class, it can really a bolster a room’s look. This especially rings true when you’re looking to add some vintage touches. Here are some inspired touches.


This colourful radiator was designed for use in a child’s bedroom (notice how its panelled out for safety). We think the colour scheme though is straight from the kitsch 60s and has a great vintage look. The skimpy design also sees it using just a tenth the amount of water that a conventional radiator uses which is great news for your energy bill.


If you’re thinking of classing up your home with a vintage style radiator, Trade Radiators have a selection of gorgeous looking chrome radiators on offer that you can look at here. We really like the look of their Kensington cast iron model. It can easily add a sense of the grandiose to any room.


The unusual shape of these Victorian style radiators is a great look to have in a room with little space. These tiny models have just as much of a punch as the big guys and are the perfect spot for leaving your house slippers to heat by.



Your vintage touch could be as simple as a lick of paint. While you mightn’t be able to afford a designer model like the paperclip heaters seen above, there’s no stopping you from painting a radiator in a solid block colour to give it a 70s feel.

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