Vintage Student Tips

If you’ve been staying in university accommodation for your first year at Uni, you’ll be used to having the heating on all the time and hot showers anytime. Moving out to a rented property is a big step in independence and one that will be met with many, many pratfalls. We’re going to share some vintage tips to help you if you’re about to move out of home for university.

1.Throw in: Have a blanket in the back room? Grab it. You’ll need it. Between realising you have to pay for heating and the possibility your property won’t be insulated the best, we always advise you start lifting any throws or blankets lying about your parent’s house. They’ll not mind if they know it’s keeping you warm.

friends halloween

2.Plan for Halloween: Yes Halloween is a mecca event for any student. Instead of getting in to an induced panic a few days before trying to figure out a costume, head to the local charity shop and you’ll figure out your outfit in no time.

old pots

3.Go potty: You’ll move in to your new place and realise that your kitchen consists of dirty drawers and something questionable in the freezer. If you don’t have pots and pans then don’t bother about going to the big home store. Just ask mum & dad. You’re bound to have old kitchenware cluttering up storage space back home that your parents will be happy to get rid of.

4Like Vintage? Work Vintage!: This is the best tip we can give to any vintage lover. Once you think about getting a part time job to get some extra money in your pocket, ask any vintage shops if there are positions going. All of us here at Genevera have done it at some point. Its an excuse to shop all day and get first dibs on anything going on the rack at a reduced price.

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