Best Sites In Britain

Thinking about coming to Britain but stuck for time? Even though the island is small, it can be difficult to get round everywhere you want to see. We look briefly two must see attractions.

So where do we start? There’s England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Lets start with the capital city of England, and that is of course, London! The capital city has it all, culture, nightlife, scenery and amazing restaurants. If we can say one place to go in London then we would recommend:

Visit the Royal Opera House

One of the oldest sites in the city and filled with heritage from Convent Garden, the Royal Opera House is a real treat.  Take a tour of the Opera House and it will take you round the auditorium and backstage where you might catch a glimpse of the Royal Ballet. If you fancy hearing some history on this attraction then I suggest taking a tour called The Velvet, Gilt and Glamour Tour where you will hear stories of past opera guests and you can admire the buildings architecture.

If you’re visiting Scotland then we recommend Glasgow. One of the most popular places to live in the UK with great nightlife, restaurants and culture, this city is worth a visit. One of the great attractions is:

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

One of the most significant attractions in the city, the gallery boasts over 20 art galleries. Also home to amazing paintings, sculptures, weapons, clothing and everything else in between its worth a visit. During my stay in the city, I was astounded that this gallery was also free of charge. Furthermore, the history of Scotland is shown in-depth and in great detail so you could stay all afternoon and not notice.

When in the country – these two places must be on your bucket list.




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