Winter Escape

Winter holidays are something that a lot of us look forward to and far from us all jetting off too warmer climates, a great deal of us search out even colder conditions, especially when the idea of staying in a Winter Wonderland is just too good to be true.

That’s right, we are actually starting to embrace the elements and look at what positives they can bring us and there is one huge positive that the snow and ice can bring us; winter sports.

Skiing and snowboarding holidays in the 2016-2017 season are already surpassing expectations in regards to the volume of interest. The popularity has been on the rise for years and following the 2014 Winter Olympics it has gone through the roof.

Throughout the UK in particular, facilities to promote winter sports are constantly improving with numerous top of the range indoor and dry slopes for people to learn the basics.


Ski and snowboarding travel in Europe is particularly popular with many of the world’s top ski resorts found in countries like Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France. Prices for these kinds of holiday are becoming ever more competitive making it easier for people to travel abroad for ski holidays.

Package deals are often the best option for people without much experience as they can include flights, transfers, accommodation and ski passes, dealing with all of these individually can be tricky and often expensive. The hiring of equipment is also one of the better ways to avoid a heavy outlay if you are new to it, it will also give you an opportunity to test equipment and find what suits you best.

Beginners can book themselves into ski schools where instructors take you through every step you need to be able to become a competent and safe skier. You should be able to find out more from your holiday provider or you can visit here .


Picking which resort you want to visit will hinge on a number of factors from your experience, cost, facilities and whether you have been before. Europe is home to a wide and varied choice of resorts which is why you should always do a bit of research before deciding on a holiday.

Most sites should have information on skiing in a particular country, each resort and even the hotel or chalet you are interested in. For example this page looks at the French ski resort of Tignes, from here you can take a broader look at skiing in France or look at the Chalet Hotel Aiguille Percee or Chalet Hotel L’Ecrin both located in Tignes.



Finding the best holiday for you is important so looking at everything from childcare to nightlife and the ski area to flight times will be important in making your skiing holiday experience a good one. If you’re looking for a winter holiday this year and love nothing more than finding a good deal online, be on the look out for some very special Thomas Cook discount codes that pop up around November & December.

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