Bond & His Vintage Motors

After that previous post about James Bond’s vintage credentials, we spent more time browsing through old images and realising just how cool every Bond managed to look when they had a car to pose by. And while it’s the case that every Bond car had more gadgets attached than apps you’d be able to fit on your phone, you can’t argue that the cars always look ridiculously cool.

We found some snapshots of these cars and tried our hardest to find behind the scenes or promotional images that show off not just how important a car was as part of showcasing the time period Bond is in, but just how important a role they played in defining his style.


connery and an aston

Sean Connery with an Aston Martin DB5. It’s seen the as the ultimate Bond car and has popped up a few times throughout the series. Just look at the last photo of Daniel Craig further down the page and you’ll notice that these two photos are set in similar surroundings on purpose.

connery anda toyota

Here is Connery posing by a Toyota GT2000. Whats unique about this car is the fact that it was made especially for a Bond movie (You Only Live Twice). Because of this, it automatically became one of the most sought after cars ever. It also was the only version of the car made to be a convertible.

lotus espirit

Here is a rare shot of a Bond car that everyone knows for not being driven on land. This is the Lotus Espirit used in The Spy Who Loved Me. It’s known as being the car Bond drives underwater. And while most Bond cars have missiles under the bonnet and sophisticated defence mechanisms in place, the Lotus would get rid of chasing cars by deploying cement (we can’t figure out how a cement mixer could’e been fit in the boot).

mustang in diamonds

A great piece of trivia if you ever find yourself in need of a back up movie fact at any point: the red car above is a Ford Mustang Mach 1. It was used in Diamonds Are Forever and is a Bond car that isn’t a Bond car. In the movie, Bond’s ladyfriend owns it and he borrows it to go on a crazy chase. The real trivia comes from the fact that it’s a Ford. The film makers intentionally went looking for a big car company that would have a lot of cheaper cars they could put in the films because they were going to crash a lot of them and didn’t want to go over budget.

bmw z8 world not enough

Pierce Brosnan might look good posing by this BMW convertible, but its heyday as a Bond car didn’t last long. It featured in The World Is Not Enough and has the pleasure of being the only Bond car to be sawn in by a helicopter, a very unique distinction you can agree.

craig aston db5

Daniel Craig with the Aston Martin DB5 used in Skyfall. It was used in the movie as a not so subtle nod the original model used by Connery. And to make sure this car wasn’t going to be destroyed in an over the top fashion, 3D printers were used to create models a third of the size which could be then blown up, set on fire and wrecked by any means necessary.


You can get your hands on your own James Bond cars by visiting The site has models of all the cars we’ve shown, as well as other classic cars from the franchise.

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