Even More Vintage Halloween Pics

After showing off some great vintage Halloween pictures yesterday we thought we’d go further down the rabbit hole and pick some great images and illustrations showcasing how the scariest night of the year was celebrated over the last century. Here are some choice cuts from the pile.

john falter


John Falter was a beloved artist who would draw for a weekly Saturday evening paper in America. This illustration is a perfect slice of Halloween Americana style.



It was common to give Halloween illustrations from the turn of the 20th century. This is just one of them and can be noted as such by the way the moon’s face is illustrated.



Grease permeated through decades of style and for some the original rebel look is good enough to take to the grave.

creepy kids

We tried to find out information on where this image comes on, but we think the creepy looking children holding pumpkins that aren’t scary but seem genuinely happy is too spooky for words.

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