Helpful Advice on Preventing Testicular Cancer

Also known as ‘testis cancer’, testicular cancer is a serious and often life-threatening condition where cells divide without reason, exposing a mass tissue (a tumour).
Although sometimes prevention isn’t always possible, there are some things that we can change in our life which might help limit our chances of developing the disease involving regular examination, altering your diet and small lifestyle changes such as not sitting your laptop on your lap, which we will be going into further detail about. Our team have established a set of advised guidelines to follow that are believed to aid in the prevention of testis cancer.

Examine Any Changes

Although there are many shared beliefs on ways to prevent testicular cancer, there is one major method that remains one of the most important; self-examination. Examining your testicles for lumps and any differences in appearance is something all adult males should regularly do. One of our tips for this process is to start the exam when you are just out of a warm shower or bath, as the warm water helps to smooth the skin and make it easier for you to notice anything unusual.
If you require information on how to conduct a testicular exam, there is a 3 step guide on how to appropriately do so on the Testicular Cancer Society website for the public to view and use as a reference.

Be Mindful of your Personal Electronics

An ongoing topic that is commonly argued is the question to whether personal electronics such as laptops have a direct link to testicular cancer. In addition to decreasing male sperm count, it is also believed the radiator can be linked to penile cancer, so if you are going to use a laptop, ensure you are mindful to situate yourself in a suitable position to avoid the laptop being too close to your crotch area.

Eat Cancer Prevention Foods

There are many foods that have been proven to act as cancer-fighting agents depending on the nutrients they consist of. Incorporating these foods into your diet can not only aid in preventing possible cases of testicular cancer but will also benefit your overall health. If you adopt a mostly vegetarian based diet you will receive more of the daily vitamin’s which your body requires to maintain a healthy, disease-fighting body. Here is a list of foods recommended for cancer prevention:
– Leafy vegetables
– Nuts and seeds
– Fresh herbs
– Green tea
– Sweet potatoes
– Avocados
– Broccoli
There are certain foods that are advised to be avoided as they may contain cancer causing agents such as:
– Microwave popcorn
– Charred meats
– Artificial sweeteners
– Trans fat foods
– Excessive alcohol

Be Sure to Seek Professional Advice

If you happen to notice a change in your testicles, whether it is a difference in size or you discover a small lump, be sure to visit a medical professional as soon as possible such as London Urology Associates. Waiting to seek medical attention may affect your outcome of treatment options if necessary. Adult males must be cautious to perform regular self-examinations and visit their doctor if any unexpected changes appear. Fortunately, if caught early, testicular cancer can be treatable which is why it is important to be aware and informed of prevention methods.

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