Look Cool And Rock Some Wool

Your granddad probably wore them all the time and looked like the coolest dude in town even though he was nice and toasty. Sweaters are a vintage staple. If you’re not spending at least 70% of your time rocking a big knit in the winter months then you need to go get one right now. Old jumpers are the best and if you ever find an Aran sweater make sure no else gets their mitts on it.

Rocking a big knit is probably the only time function completely intersects with fashion. They’re always extremely comfortable and will make you the envy of every fool walking in their inferior jumpers.

People have been relying on the wooly jumper for years. Just look at all the grizzly men we found showing off their knits in the photos below.

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german jumper cool dude in an aran sweater

old man knit

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