Our Favourite Christmas Classics

Last week we were showing some gifs from your favourite Christmas cartoons but now it’s time to pull out the big vintage guns and get some classic Christmas films on the go.

We tried to find some rare behind the scenes facts and even some unreleased promo images as well as the defining moments to movies that have become timeless. It makes them the best kind of vintage going as far as we’re concerned.

home alone

 Home Alone is the rarest of movies where no matter how often it’s on TV or no matter what point you happen to catch it, you’ll stick with it until the end. When Joe Pesci started working on the film, we had just finished working on Goodfellas. To steer clear of f-laden takes, he was advised to shout ‘fridge’ every time he felt like he was about to swear.


It’s A Wondeful Life. People will fight tooth and nail to say its the best Christmas movie. The film was originally a flop when it came out before gaining notoriety years later. But did you know the original story was also badly received.  Author Philip Van Doren Stern couldn’t find a publisher to take the story and he ended up sending it out as Christmas cards to all his friends.

Die Hard (1988)The rare instance of a Christmas film that feels clammy and hot, Die Hard is the staple movie for many men. Next time you’re sitting watching it with an avid McClane wannabe you can seem like a know it all by pointing out two things: the shot were McClane falls down a shaft and bumps was a mistake by the stunt man that was left in because it looked good, and the famous fireball in the shaft shot was filmed with real pyrotechnics. It only looks slightly off because the camera had to change speed in order to make the fireball seem more dangerous.


It’s probably your gran’s favourite Xmas movie and you can’t fault her when Bing Crosby starts belting out the titular White Christmas. But it wasn’t the only film he sang the classic in. He later did it in Holiday Inn and Blue Skies

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