Retro Cocktails

Cocktails are a decadent luxury that are a sure fire way to have a good night. They first came to prominence in the happy go lucky period between World War I and II, and then grew in popularity until the 1980’s, when cocktail bars came to prominence, which are now a mainstay in our culture.

Cocktails from the 80’s tend to be bright, tropical and fun concoctions. Here are some of our favourites.

Californian Iced Tea


Forget about Tennessee, in the 80’s it was all about California. To make this delightful but heady tipple, mix gin, tequila, triple sec, vodka, white rum and mix with orange and lemon juice, add a dash of sugar syrup and enjoy. Don’t have too many though, as they pack quite a punch!

Sex On The Beach


Subtlety perhaps wasn’t the 80’s strong point, and the cocktail names from this era reflect this. However, this tropical cocktail remains popular even now. Take peach schnapps, vodka, cranberry and orange juice, and shake them up. Don’t forget to garnish with an orange slice and mini parasol.

The Time Warp


The appropriately named Time Warp is neon and looks like it came straight from an 80’s cocktail bar. It uses coconut rum, Midori, blue curacao, raspberry cordial and pineapple juice to make a striking cocktail that begs to be garnished with a glace cherry.

So enjoy these retro delights, an you are sure to have a get your night off to a flying start.



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