Vintage Snaps of Music Legends

If there’s one thing we fawn over it’s candid images of rockstars from the 60s & 70s. Nothing is cooler than seeing Bob Dylan outside a club having a smoke or any of the Beatles mucking about.

We wanted to share some of our favourites we gathered from around the web that shows a more human side to rock legends.

george h

George Harrison looking cool as can be whilst having a smoke and a drink. We dare anyone to pull this look in 2013.

vintage music t-shirts

Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan. We can’t even begin to imagine the conversations these two would have had but we’re hoping Bob didn’t pull that creepy face the entire time.

springsteenBruce Springsteen after being pulled over for speeding. This is the epitome of cool. Bruce gleefully posing for a picture while the officers are more concerned with looking cool rather than questioning the legend.

elton john

Elton John just chilling out and listening to some music while wearing some seriously good looking shoes.

steviewonderStevie Wonder playing a gig at a London pub in 1974. Can you just imagine how good this show would’ve been?



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