A Proud History of Style

The UK has brought the world so much throughout the years and one of it’s biggest exports is the style and fashion born in great youth subcultures.

From post war Britain in the 50’s  the UK saw a huge change in youth culture from the Teds, Mods, Skinheads, Punks and countless other offshoots, each as important as the last to thousands of disaffected youth. In these tribes youngsters dictated the fashions of the time and what music would be topping the charts.

Wybeck Arms 1974

Today we see the results of these years in music and fashion with some sticking to the regimental dress codes of subcultures gone by, others taking influences from a variety, either way it would be difficult to walk down a main street of any town in the UK without seeing some form of influence.

Up and down the country every weekend scooter rallies, tribute nights, all nighters and other gatherings celebrate these eras and fashions with today’s youth diving as vigorously into the scenes as their counterparts did some years ago.

Third generation Mods can be seen proudly telling tales of their relations back in the day and it is this pride that is driving the scenes onwards.



Social media is allowing people who may have felt that they were alone in their tastes to meet up with other like minded folks and British Subculture clothing shops like Dead End St in Kilwinning, are bringing shops and designers together for people to explore.

With a great range of clothes covering all subcultures it also stocks a great range of T Shirts for music fans too. The Mod collection featuring T Shirts that pay tribute to some of the best lyrics from the likes of Paul Weller and The Jam as well as the 2 Tone section featuring the best of The Specials and Madness make it ideal for anyone looking for something a bit different for their favourite band. For more details head over to the lyric T Shirt collection where you can search by band.


One thing is for sure, the influence the UK has had on music and fashion will never be forgotten and with Mods, Punks and Skinheads all over the world the pride in this culture is justly felt.



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