Give Your Phone A Vintage Look

Before on the site we’ve told you about the best vintage style apps available for your phone, but what good will it do you if yon haven’t got your phone wrapped in a vintage case?

We were given an amazing pin-up girl case from our friends at Cult Cases. They’re a site that lets your make your own personalised iPhone cases for the 4, 4s and 5. You can have a case made with any photo you like. We went ahead and made some vintage style cases we think anyone in your family would love to have as a present (especially if you’re planning ahead for Christmas like us).

Your Mum
audrey case

If your mum is a true vintage lover, she’ll want to get a case with vintage pioneer Audrey Hepburn. We love it because it’s not the usual Breakfast At Tiffany case you’d see at an accessory shop on the high street.

Your Dad
batman cover

Dads always get novelty presents at Christmas. instead of a pair of socks or a Del Boy bubble bath, tap in to the batman he knows and love with this Adam West case. It’ll probably get him doing the bat dance but at least he’ll not be gurning about getting another bottle of Old Spice.

Your Sister
debbie harry case

Is your sister a magnet to the latest trends? Get her a cover that will never go out of style with a candid looking case. This one of Debbie Harry is a great alternative to the Parallel Lines cover that still adorns every college girl’s dormroom wall.

Your Brother
the rock case

Everyone’s brother has tried to wrangle them in to a wresting match in the living room when they were little. Even if they’re grown up they’ll still be the suplex loving little boy at heart. We reckon get them a vintage wrestling case like this and they’ll have a cheshire cat grin on their face before throwing you off the sofa to win the rumble.

You can literally put anything you want on a case. It’s a great alternative present that shows you put thought in to your gift. If you want to get your personalised case on Cult Cases just click here.


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