Great Scot Marty Today’s the Day!

The day is finally upon us; according to the 1985 blockbuster Back to the Future 2, at 1146 hours a banana peel-powered Delorian came burning its way into our time dimension. Although I don’t think the work we live in is everything Marty and Doc predicted when they made their initial departure back in 1985.

Anyone who watched the film when it was originally released back in 1985 couldn’t wait until 30 years later when they would be scooting around on hover boards, making video calls and eating instant re-hydrated pizza.

The imagination and effects of the film were so good they almost seemed real. However fast forward 30 years and the surprising thing is that a lot of the gadgets and technology that the film’s creators predicted have now actually been built and we regularly use then in everyday life.

Back to the Future II predicted a lot of things including video phone calls, 3D movies, i-pads, flat screen TVs, self-tying shoes and hover boards, and whilst the last two may not exist yet there a plans afoot to turn these ideas into a reality.

Although Back to the Future was not the only film to have made some creepily accurate predictions about what life would be like in the future. There are many other films that have done the same. We’re not quite sure if this is because the films have provided with the inspiration required to go out and build the things of imagination or whether the films writers had some weird sense of precognition but either way we’re glad they did.

Here are some of the most accurate movie predictions to come true.

2001: A Space Odyssey 2015-10-21 09-36-23

Predicted we would all be using touch screen computers very similar to the ipad. Granted they miss-timed its release by almost 10 years but considering man had yet to set foot on the moon at the time of the film’s release, it’s not bad going.

The Jetsons

jetsons 18xtnvgcrpt2yjpg

Predicted we would have video calling, now every smartphone gives you this option with video calling now being considered a common thing. They also predicted that we would have special autonomous robots that would help us do the house work. Fast forward to now and ‘voilà’ a reality.

Star Trek


Accurately predicted we would be using flip phones, just a shame flip phones are considered ‘old’ technology now.



When the original Starwars film was released in 1977 the character Uncle Owen predicted we would be using industrial evaporative coolers. Fast forward to now and almost every office block, gym, hotel and hospital has them to regulate their air conditioning. Although this did happen in another galaxy, so does it really count?

Back To The Future II 2015-10-21 10-11-51

Alongside all the much cooler things that the Back to the Future series predicted, it also predicted that we would be using fax machines. However once again its old technology, since the rise of the paperless office I haven’t heard anyone talk about ‘sending a fax’ in years.

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