Halloween Vintage Style

You might have spent weeks running around town trying to sort out your costume. Maybe you’re in a blind panic now trying to figure out what in the wardrobe will suffice as a last minute costume. Don’t panic yourself.

Take a leaf out of the vintage playbook and follow in the footsteps of simpler times where Halloween was a fun holiday and not an exercise in how well a seamstress you can be. Just look at some of these spooktacular photos.

vintage halloween ladies

Here are a couple of lovely ladies showing just how fashionable a costume was supposed to be in the late 50s. If this was spotted on a celeb today people would frantically searching for a high street knockoff.

little rascals

Way before Halloween specials were a stable Tv trope, groups like The Little Rascals would take part in themed photo shoots to promote their shows. The scariest part is knowing that that dog had to hold that pose for every shot.

vintage rabbits

This turn of the century photo is the thing of nightmares. Who needs Frank from Donnie Darko when you can have these kid’s costumes to scare any living creature.

original withc

Before ‘sexy’ witch was a staple costume for ladies to dress up in, Margaret Hamilton was the coolest witch in town (until she was melted). We think the Oz witch is still the best looking halloween costume out there.


In the same way TV shows did themed shoots, the movie studios would put their stars in seasonal photos for cross promotion. This photo is of Martha Vickers. She was a Hollywood Starlet best known for her roles in The Big Sleep, The Burglar and Alimony.


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