James Bond: As Vintage As They Come

So there we were over the weekend splitting time between debating the merits of the Eurovision and playing that unwanted game where you seemingly spend more time flicking through your viewing options rather than actually watching something on Netflix. While doing this, someone in the living room raised the question ‘Why isn’t there any James Bond stuff on Netflix?’ After a quick search and the realisation that 007 definitely wasn’t going to be on the viewing agenda any time, a quick Google search led us down the rabbit hole of just how bloody cool old James Bond stuff looks.

These are just a few of the photos we managed to find from behind the scenes of older Bond movies that highlight the vintage credentials Bond had.


Sean Connery trying, and doing a great job, of a handstand in the sand in between takes on Dr.No. There’s a reason why his hair seems to be in perfect condition while standing upside down. Connery always wore a toupee the entire time he played bond as he starting losing his hair when he was just 21.

lazeby on set

George Lazenby taking a break between takes and having a smoke. Surprisingly there were a lot of critics of his job as Bond. Many thought he looked too muscular to play the spy (the kind of physique wouldn’t really be seen until Daniel Craig came along) and a lot of criticism came form the simple thought that he couldn’t act.  Even though he only starred in one Bond movie, he was actually offered several different contracts including a 7 picture deal that he never signed due to massive disputes with the studio over small details including how he should dress, behave and act in public.

Julie Ege on her

This is Julie Ege on the set of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service looking as 60’s as one can possibly get.  She was a professional model in her teens and 2o’s before becoming a nurse.

diana rigg

Diana Rigg posing in a photo you’d think was taken just yesterday. She played Tracy Di Vicenzo in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Her name is important to remember if you’re ever in a pub quiz because she is the only Mrs. Bond from the entire film series. At the end of the film (spoilers if you don’t already know) she marries Bond, but is shot as they drive off from their wedding. I think its also the only Bond film to show a surprisingly violent gunshot wound to the head.

ursula andress

This lady posing with a bunch of plantains is Ursula Andress. She’s probably the most famous Bond girl of all time. That shot of the lady coming out of the water in a bikini? That’s her. Her name in the movie was Honey Rider, which started of the tradition of female characters having quite silly names.
roger moore

Roger Moore. He’s played Bond the most and starred in questionably the most ridiculous films in the franchise. The photo above was a promotional shot for The Man With The Golden Gun. It was his second Bond film. Quite a fun fact to know is that he was older when he did his first Bond film, than Sean Connery was when did his last.

lazenby at the barThere isn’t much to say about this photo other than how cool George Lazenby looks leaning against a bar in a turtle neck.

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