Jump For Joy

It’s getting cold outside folks. Almost too cold you could say. You know what this means for some people? Another excuse to get shopping for new jumpers. But don’t go wasting your money on all the woollen goods just yet.

We have a tip for you if you’re sitting in your room right now and about to browse for a new jumper: LOOK UP. See that roof above you? There’s probably an attic in there full with old clothes. And in there somewhere will be some amazing jumpers. Don’t try and brave those cold and unforgiving winds outside before you hop to the high street. Get up there and have a good rummage.

It could’ve been an oversized jumper you were given as a nipper. It could be one of your gran’s home-knit wooly wonders or even your mum’s old musty bright blue former faux pas thats now going to be bang on trend. Your house could be full of old jumpers that will look surprisingly good on you.

Our top tip: look in your dad’s wardrobe. We were surprised just how many old jumpers he had hidden in the corner that he doesn’t even look at anymore. They work as great oversized knits.

Even if you spend just half an hour going round the house to see what knits are in hiding, it’ll still be a better investment than feeling the itch when you’re looking at the same jumpers on a vintage store rack.

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