Reasons To Go Vintage

Naturally for some people going vintage is a way of life. For others it’s unknown territory. We’re here to covert the non-believers in to fully fledged vintage lovers.

We have a few tips and thoughts as to why you’ll want to start vintage shopping. From getting the best of trends to solving money problems, we’ll show how going vintage can transform your life (and your wardrobe)

Cheaper Trends
Fashions always goes in cycles. Right now go on any style site and you’ll see everything is inspired from looks in the mid 90s. Don’t bother with buying a brand new slip dress if your favourite mag is boasting about it. Any good vintage store will have one just for you hanging on a rail. Why go looking for a pair of boots when there is a great pair already worn in? Vintage stores are always the best bet for getting on trend cheaply.

New Lease
Vintage items always have a place in out heart. Every coat on the rail and shirt hanging up just needs a little bit of love. Bag yourself a bargain and you’ll be able to flaunt it to your mates. Often we’ll get in arguments that vintage clothes are all musty. To that we see give it a good wash and you’ll be rocking the freshest threads in town.

vintage money

No Money Problems
Buying on the cheap means you won’t be looking at a credit bill every month and scrambling to see what the returns policy on your new stuff is. Vintage stores always have the lowest price possible. It’s great if you’re working towards a budget. You’ll be revelling at being stylish on the cheap. A lot of people though often overlook the fact that a charity shop could have the right outfit and squander funds in stores they can’t afford to be shopping in.If you’re having problems or are facing debt, check out They have a really helpful money wizard on site that can help calculate the best way to control your debts.

vintage holiday

Spending time at vintage sales and rummaging around charity shops does two very important things. It quells the need to browse around the high street and causes you to spend a lot less. We can’t think of anything better to do with that spare money in the bank than channeling it towards booking a holiday. Over the years we’ve done ‘target shopping’ to help book small trips around Europe. The best thing about this is being able to then go vintage shopping abroad. If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam head to Episode (we think it’s the best vintage store in all of Europe).

We hope these tips help you to fit a little bit of vintage in your life. It’s a lifestyle that saves you money in the long term and makes your style credentials stay afloat in the murky sea of fast changing trends.

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