Top 3 Vintage Apps

There’s no fun is using your phone just for business now. Our smartphones are designed to be our little beacons of light to guide us around the real world (this is especially true if your phone has a good torch app). With all that hi-tech revolving around your social life there are unlimited opportunities to add in a little vintage flair. We went looking and found our Top 3 Vintage Apps.


vintage scene
Instagram has a bajillion filters on show to make your latest photo look like its old, but the Vintage Scene App makes any of your travels look like they’re from a bygone era. Just take one snap when you’re out and the app will apply different filter variations to create great images. It handles tones far better too by accentuating what is dark and light. We like how if there’s one combination of filters you really like to use, the app will save them as a personalised preset.


Want to turn your phone in to your own private nickelodeon? The iSupr8 app is a great video app that turns even the most mundane looking footage in to glorious 8mm style mini films. The filters are good but what we really liked were the condition effects plastered over images. These include an effect where wear and tear has created scratch marks on the film.


x men
There are hundreds of retro game apps out there to download. All the big studios have re-released classic like Sonic and Pac-man as touch screen games. One that we will never delete though is the original X-Men. We were massive fans of the cartoon in the 90s and the overlooked Mega-Drive classic is now available to play on your phone. We’ll claw like wolverine forever on this simple button mash mover.

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