Turkish Shopping Trip

You might associate shopping holidays with cities like London, Paris and Milan but there is once city which offers something even those can’t, that city is Istanbul.

The Turkish city of Istanbul is located on a peninsula making it ideal for those looking for a sunny holiday, it is also know for its football teams with some of Turkey’s top club teams calling it home. But it is the incredible arket that interests us, the Grand Bazaar really is something special.

With construction staring in 1455 it certainly has history on its side and with over 3,000 shops spread along the 61 streets inside the covered market it is obvious why the Bazaar proves to be so popular. But how popular can an indoor maret be? The simple answer is very!

Over 91,000,000 people visit the bazaar every year and it can attract close to half a million people a day during busy periods.

As you might expect from a maret of this scale you will be able to find pretty much anything you need and you will also have the opportunity to work on your haggling.

With a great number of traditional stores selling vintage wares like lamps, rugs and clothing it s perfect for anyone with an appreciation for traditional items.

If you are planning a visit to Istanbul any time soon the Grand Baaar is a must. You can find great accommodation in Istanbul too with everything from traditional holiday hotels to luxury 5 star apartments. You can find out about the excellent Frasers Hospitality serviced apartments at http://istanbul.frasershospitality.com/, they offer state of the art, fully furnished apartments in wonderful locations around the world.

Below you will find some images of the Bazaar but it would be difficult to capture all the sights, sounds and smells of this truly unique attraction.

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