Vintage Print Advertisments

While the idea of advertising art is not something that a lot of people immediately think about a well thought out campaign can not only do wonders for the business or brand it is representing but can also capture the imagination of the public.

Styles of advertising have changed dramatically through the years and original, vintage print ads have since become sought after pieces of artwork that now hang on walls up all over the world. With the popularity of the American TV show Mad Men, focusing on an advertising agency and its workers in the late 50’s and 60’s, so rose the interest in advertising and original print advertising at that.

The following pictures were created by a Brazilian advertising agency and had the popularity to go viral. That would always be the dream of any ad agency as it gets you maximum exposure and recognition for your work and many have tried to follow the formula to success.

Having something unique that strikes a chord with the audience be it funny, sad, scary etc is a great way to get people sharing the idea and these great vintage style ads for modern mediums Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Skype really did that.

Placing something that is very much of this age both in style and technologically speaking in a setting from the 50’s or 60’s immediately grabs the attention of the people looking at the image. It is a great example of how a simple idea can be far more effective than complicated plans.

A good print add can be shared and seen by millions of people across the world thanks to the proliferation of the kind of social media sites seen below.



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