Vintage Ski Chic

Skiing became popular at the beginning of the 20th Century in the Swiss Alps, and was traditionally an alpine pursuit of course, and reserved for the wealthy. Nowadays skiing and snowboarding and other snow sports are more popular than ever.

There is some amazingly high tech snow gear out there these days, but in après-ski, at any rate, vintage reigns supreme. Get your inspiration from the beautiful old fashioned ski posters for alpine resorts, and incorporate some elements into your look.


Cute head wear is a must. To a nod to the kitsch, try a patterned bobble hat, ear muffs or even a little ski cap. Not only will they keep your ears toasty warm, but they also look refreshingly retro.


A cool Scandinavian style knitted jumper also makes a change from high tech base layers. If it has a roll neck it’s a bonus as then you won’t need a scarf or a buff either. Plus when you take off your ski jacket for your mid piste vin chaud or schnapps, you will look the epitome of slope chic. It’s a great way to transition from day to night too in the chilly climate.


You can also try on a pair of cosy Fair Isle socks underneath your ski or snow boots that will make taking off your footwear even more blissful at the end of a long day zipping down the slopes. They’ll also look great as you pad around the lodge.

Perhaps not as practical on the slopes as the others, knitted mittens are a must for après-ski chic. With so many designs, and mittens cosier than gloves by a mile, they really do add a little something to any outfit.


So go for that alpine look, and you will be the chicest snow bunny on the slopes!


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