Welcome to Genevera.com. If you’re wondering what the site is all about, do you mind letting us up in your attic to look through some old boxes. We’re not intrusive now. We just love trawling through any old stuff and finding the best in the vintage to show off to the world.

Everyone has that one box or drawer hidden in the roof space, under the bed or in the garage. You might think it’s junk but here at Genevera.com it’s naught but gold to us. We love nothing more than getting our hands on an old piece of clothing that can be brought bang up to date with a little love and care.

You might have anything from an old box of books to a candleholder hidden away somewhere. We want you to get it back out on display and boast about it. Whether it’s a quick shine or a proper good old clean out, we’ll have the right idea on what you can do with your vintage goodies.

We’ll give you tips to repurpose old furniture. No point in going to the sofa megastore when we can show you what to do with grandpa’s old chair. Don’t go heading to the big home store for a blanket. We’ll give your tips on how to give the old family throw a proper good cleaning, get rid of that musty feeling and put it back where it belongs in the living room.

It could be anything from an old pair of shoes, to your parent’s teenage fashion faux pas, we’ll turn it from embarrassment in to compliment as long as you know how to treat it with a little bit of love and care.

Genevera.com acts like your own specialised vintage store. Everyone loves a good old rummage around to find that blast from the past and claim it as their new pride and joy. We’ll be the treasure trove hunters that tell you what to search for and what to keep. We’ll take things that you would’ve thrown out on the curb and turn them in to what counts for style on the street today.


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